All stakeholders involved in the care process are of central importance as our core partners. They give us the opportunity to understand tasks and challenges from different perspectives and to integrate their expertise. It is a basic requirement for us to bring all our core partners into a dialogue in order to form a collective voice and carry out projects in a specific manner.

Patients, NGOs and self-help groups

The patient is the centre of what we do. We see him as an expert on his illness. His perspectives, his living environment and quality of life is the most important starting point of our projects. In a permanent dialogue with patients and patient representatives, we develop strategies and concepts and get the mandate to act on their behalf. We have our roots in self-help. Even if we no longer offer individual advice today, we use this experience. We design information in such a way that it appeals to patients and can also be used in self-help as part of personal advice.

Doctors and medical professional associations

Through our close cooperation with physicians and specialist societies, we get an insightful overview of the real care, hurdles in the care structure and the care gaps from the medical providers point of view . We help to translate these into political messages, to enhance the patient's point of view and to develop strategies for how these different perspectives can be understood and heard by health policy decision-makers. Thanks to our international networks, we are able to place and embed these aspects in an international, European and national context.

Research and science

Research and science in the context of health not only develops and tests new active molecules and forms of therapy, it is also dedicated to epidemiology, cost economy, the development and prevention of diseases. We actively participate in the development of scientific questions, support scientific research projects and independently initiate research projects. Through our network structures, we provide innovative thinking and enable patients, that the right partners come together and that the patient's perspective is taken into account as best as possible.

Health policy and public health

In order to solve many care problems, it is essential that the legal framework is adapted. To do this, the decision-makers in health policy must understand exactly what calls for action arise in the context of their exercise competence, what they consist of and how they can affect the concrete clinical outcomes of patients. Such coherency is imperative.


We know how complex health relationships must be formulated in politics and how the mechanisms in health policy work. This gives us the opportunity to translate demands from patients and doctors and to place them tactically in national and international health policy.


Industry contributes to improving medical care through clinical research and the development of new active ingredients and diagnostic tools. Our goal is to involve industry representatives in the dialogue with our other core partners. Here we focus on strategic projects with the aim of implementing patient-oriented care concepts. In addition, we are in continuous exchange in order to address relevant health policy stakeholders in a targeted manner.

Gender-appropriate language: In principle, this text includes all genders. For better readability, however, only one gender form is used.

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