We are making a difference by supporting people and organizations that make the world a better place.


We are passionate and have ambitious goals and to make the impossible possible.


Respecting the dignity of fellow human beings and maintaining honesty and transparency with our partners are core attributes of our way of working.

  • Our Task

Kautz5 is a non-profit project and consulting company in the health sector.

The focus of our work is the human being as a patient with all their needs and concerns. Our goal is the sustainable and long-term improvement of their care structures and their quality of life.

In order to successfully implement this goal, we work on a project basis with various stakeholders involved in the care process.

  • Our Way of Working

We see ourselves in the best sense as representing the interests of patients and their families and friends. The starting point and direction in every project is the patient's view of the respective specific issues, hurdles and gaps in care in a disease area. To do this, we rely on our close contacts in the respective communities and work with established survey methods.

  • Our Team

Our diversity is our strength - our different professional origins, backgrounds and expertises complement each other ideally. In addition to our many years of experience, our young colleagues bring a breath of fresh air and innovative thinking into the mix. We are all passionate team players and simply enjoy our work together.

Patient Advocacy & Public Policy ​​

    • International and national projects
    • 2 x 25 years professional experience
    • Expertise in communication, politics, health, cultural studies and marketing
    • major flagship projects, but also small steps in day-to-day business
    • Dealing with global companies and organizations
    • Listen
    • structured needs analysis and patient concerns
    • access to people and groups
    • target group-oriented communication via relevant media
    • strategic analysis and planning
    • Facilitation of events and workshops
    • culture-adapted concepts
    • scientific understanding and approach
    • knowledge of the studies/data evidence
    • experience on the political stage nationally and internationally
    • strategic project planning and reliable execution.

Achim Kautz – Founder and Owner (

Dr. Diane Langenbacher – Partner focused on Strategy Development and International Affairs (

Paula Nießing - Project Management (

Liz Tribbensee - Project Management (

Dr Nicola Nowak - Project Management (


In addition, we have built up a great network of skilled colleagues that we can consult and collaborate with at any time for specific projects, but who also support us as an organization.

Gender-appropriate language: In principle, this text includes all genders. For better readability, however, only one gender form is used.

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