Based on the EASL clinical guideline on NAFLD/NASH a patient guideline was developed that is simple and explains fatty liver and its causes, consequences and (non) medical treatment options in a way that patients can understand.

Under the direction of European experts (including Sven Francque, Belgium) from the fields of hepatology, diabetology, epidemiology, nutritional science and general practitioners, the relevant topics were developed together with patient representatives.  To check the comprehensibility, medical laypersons were included in the review. The Kautz5 gUG was commissioned with the implementation by the EASL.

Further information and the publication can be found at

The full publication was converted into a reader-friendly short version "14 important points for people at risk for or living with NAFLD".

English version

German version

We received support from EASL as well as from various international medical experts and patient organizations from our network.

This was a pro bono order for our sponsor EASL.

Gender-appropriate language: In principle, this text includes all genders. For better readability, however, only one gender form is used.

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