The project was launched in 2019 against the background that patients with liver cancer (HCC and CCC) and their relatives lacked comprehensive and understandable information.

Together with the community and experts (including Prof Galle, Prof Vogel, Prof Marquardt and Prof Trojan), the concept was designed and the central platform set up.

In addition to the core elements (basic knowledge about HCC and CCC), the website also includes healthcare research questions and questions about the patient's risk profile:

This helps us to get to know the pathway of the patients, their medical background and their care situation better and thus not only to expand the project's services, but also to create evidence that we can contribute to scientific and political discussions.

The project also helps people to find a doctor, explains medical terms and helps them to prepare for a visit to the doctor.

Over the years, the project has developed into one of the central information platforms for patients and relatives. The corresponding access figures have developed from an initial ~ 300 unique visitors per month to ~ 7,000 unique visitors (as of December 23) with an average visit duration of ~ 3.5 minutes. The website analysis shows that probably 1/3 of the visitors are patients and 2/3 of the visitors are relatives or patients "at risk". Measured against an incidence of ~ 9,500 cases of HCC per year and 5,500 cases of CCC, the project enjoys an extremely high access rate.

The platform is supported by AstraZeneca GmbH, Incyte Biosciences GmbH and Taiho Oncology Europe.

Gender-appropriate language: In principle, this text includes all genders. For better readability, however, only one gender form is used.

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